Pregnancy Care & Child Birth

  • Natural Labor and childbirth
    • Labor is truly a marathon that requires physical and mental preparation to endure the long journey to an exhilarating birth. We advocate for women to stay mobile in labor. Use of intermittent fetal monitoring for low risk patients and heplocks to facilitate movement.
    • Use of Jacuzzi in labor to facilitate with pain management.
  • Pain Relief in Labor
    • Although we advocate for a natural birth, we are not “anti-epidural”. We empower women to make their own choices about pain relief in labor. Should you desire an epidural, there is always an anesthesiologist available to place your epidural.
  • Induction of labor
    • We minimize inductions of labor to only true medical indications that threaten maternal/fetal health in order to limit the risks of inductions, particularly cesarean section.
    • When inductions are necessary we employ the use of non medical and medical techniques.
  • Vaginal Births After Cesarean (VBAC)
    • We encourage VBAC’s for women with up to two prior cesarean sections. Prenatal care will be done by the midwife and you will be able to have a trial of labor with St. Barnabas midwifery and OB/GYN team.
  • Repeat Cesarean Section
    • Also an option for those that do not want to VBAC. Will be scheduled for a repeat cesarean section with St. Barnabas OB/GYN group.
  • High Risk Pregnant Patients
    • Patients who fall into the high risk category ( for reasons like diabetes and/or hypertension, multiple gestation) will receive care from both the midwife at Attentive Midwifery and the physicians at St. Barnabas hospital.

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